Get to know the key players in the property purchase

When you buy a home, there are several key players who will be a part of your property journey. In this article, we’ll introduce these people to you.

1.    Mortgage broker

This is us! We'll likely be the first person you meet when buying a home. We'll ask you about your goals and financial situation, then research the thousands of options available and present you with solutions that support your best interests. We can also help you apply for a pre-approval, which will provide you with an idea of how much you can borrow and can give you a competitive edge when you get to the actual property transaction.

2.    Conveyancer or solicitor

A conveyancer or solicitor will take care of the legal processes involved in buying a home. These include reviewing the sale of contract, undertaking title searches, arranging pest and building inspections, and organising the transfer of a property to you.

3.    Real estate agent

A real estate agent is the gatekeeper between you and your dream home. While they are paid to look after the seller, a good agent will negotiate a positive outcome for both parties. Take the time to speak to agents as they can provide helpful information about properties they are selling.

4.    Pest and building inspector

Before buying a property, it’s a good idea to arrange a pest and building inspection to protect yourself from costly problems down the track.  An inspector will check for issues such as termites, safety hazards and building defects.

5.    Buyer’s agent

A buyer’s agent – or buyer's advocate – searches for, evaluates, and negotiates the purchase of a property on a buyer’s behalf. They are useful if you are time-poor or want an expert to help you buy a home. A buyer’s agent will charge a fee, which varies between providers.

As your local mortgage broker, we can help you find the right home loan for your needs. We can also refer you to the other professionals mentioned above. Call us today to understand your options.


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